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How Soil Scientists Can Do a Better Job of Making Their Research Useful


Soil is a vital part of the natural environment. It supports the growth of plants, is a habitat for many different organisms and is at the heart of nearly all agricultural production. It also plays an integral role in countless other ecosystem services like water and climate regulation.

Unreasonable Impact | How Agrivi Is Using Technology to Empower Farmers Across the Globe


Last month, Barclays and the Unreasonable Group host the first Unreasonable Impact World Forum, bringing together 27 innovative companies from Asia, the US and Europe working to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.

In our final profile of companies taking part, we hear from Matija Zulj, Founder and CEO of Agrivi, about using technology to empower farmers across the globe.

What inspired you to found Agrivi?

Kellogg's Top Tips for Tackling the Challenges of Industry Disruption

How One Food and Beverage Company Is Keeping Sustainability Top-Of-Mind

In an age of technology and disruption, how can companies be sustainable and at scale in a volatile market while also facing increasing scrutiny, rising expectations, and changing consumer desires? Kellog, a leader in the food and beverage industry, shares 3 hard-won tips on how balance can be achieved.

Cargill Installs 1,000-Meter Water Supply Pipeline to Improve Water Access for 1,200 Farming Households in Karnataka’s Bannikodu Village

Part of project SAATHI: Working with 5,000 farming households in Davangere

Cargill strengthened the water supply network for 1,200 farming households in Bannikodu village, Karnataka, India, by installing a 1,000-meter water supply pipeline. Demonstrating its commitment to strengthen agricultural communities, Cargill linked an existing bore well on the lower side of the village to the water tank on the upper side, making tap water available for nearby homes.

Responsible Wool Standard Promotes Sustainable Land Stewardship and Humane Sheep Treatment

SCS Global Services Licensed by Textile Exchange as Third-Party Certifier to Standard
Press Release

EMERYVILLE, CA., March 16, 2017 /3BL Media/ – Leading third-party certifier SCS Global Services (SCS) has been approved by Textile Exchange as a licensed certification body for the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). In this role, SCS is now authorized to conduct independent certification assessments of wool production under the “Farm Scope” of the standard.

Think You Know Coffee?

Here are 8 things you may not have known about your morning wake-up call…

From where it was discovered to how Nestlé makes sure it’s sustainable, here are 8 things you may not have known about your morning wake-up call… Most coffee farmers are smallholders living in developing countries, and they work hard to grow high-quality coffee. With the global demand for coffee increasing, Nescafé works with more than 1 million farmers to ensure that coffee is farmed sustainably and that coffee farmers can feel proud of their work.

From Cali to Cone: An American Strawberry Tale

Strawberries. Small, red, and a little spotty. They taste great and they’re a healthy treat, but they’re not really of any consequence. Or are they?

A lot of us buy and eat food without ever thinking about the technology and people that have gone into putting it in our kitchen cupboards. If you’re a fan of Dreyer’s strawberry ice cream like I am, you may enjoy the flavor without realizing the work that’s gone into producing the ingredients.

Of course it hasn’t occurred to you — you’re distracted by holding a tub of ice cream! Your understandable concern is whether to drop a few scoops into a bowl or get fancy and opt for a cone.

So how does that perfect strawberry get into your dish?

LIBBY’S® 2016 Harvest Forecast: Plentiful Pumpkin

Pumpkin Production Projected to Increase in 2016
Press Release

Solon, Ohio, October 3, 2016 / 3BL Media/ - Pumpkin lovers can breathe a collective sigh of relief; reports from Morton, IL, the self-proclaimed pumpkin capital of the world, indicate there will be no shortage of pumpkin this year. The harvest forecast comes at a time when baking season is underway and canned pumpkin purchases increase. Fans of all things pumpkin will have an abundant supply to create their most flavorful seasonal recipes with LIBBY’S® 100% Pure Pumpkin during the autumn and winter months. The supply is projected to remain strong throughout 2017.

Net Impact Announces the Forward Food Competition

A new opportunity for innovators to pitch sustainable food ideas to industry experts
Press Release

OAKLAND, Calif., April 4, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Net Impact announces the Forward Food Competition, an opportunity to pitch a sustainable food idea to a panel of industry experts.  Applicants can submit their ideas through the Net Impact website until May 15, 2016. The Competition is supported by lead sponsor, Campbell Soup Company, and General Mills.


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