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Essity Discloses Its Footprint in WWF’s Environmental Paper Company Index


Essity has shown its commitment to transparency by participating in the Environmental Paper Company Index 2017 (EPCI). The Group receives an overall score of 78.7% and 94% out of a maximum of 100% for its responsible fiber sourcing. The EPCI is a WWF tool that promotes transparency and continual improvement in the global pulp, paper and packing sector towards sustainability.

The Index assesses how a company´s performance and targets on responsible sourcing, clean production and EMS/reporting change over time.

Domtar Supports Elimination of Illegal Logging Through Lacey Act


Illegal logging has some obvious effects, such as the destruction of forests and ecosystems, but it also results in economic and social effects that aren’t always apparent.

Celebrating the Career of a Forest Champion

Robert J. Hrubes, Ph.D.

Every spring, the UN International Day of Forests (March 21st) and Arbor Day (April 28th) bracket a sobering month of reflection on the state of our forests.

More Bang for Your Buck: How to Ensure Effective Company Giving

Domtar shares three lessons on how to make community investment really make a difference within communities, while maximizing efficiency at the same time.

by Paige Goff, VP, Sustainability and Business Communications, Domtar

Domtar's Community Effort to Improve Energy Efficiency in Sweden

Highlights from Domtar's 2015 Sustainability Report
Multimedia with summary

Domtar Corporation (NYSE: UFS) (TSX: UFS) designs, manufactures, markets and distributes a wide variety of fiber-based products, including communication papers, specialty and packaging papers, and absorbent hygiene products. The foundation of our business is a network of world-class wood fiber-converting assets that produce papergrade, fluff and specialty pulp. The majority of our pulp production is consumed internally to manufacture paper and consumer products.

Domtar Shows Status on Sustainability Goals

Highlights from Domtar’s 2016 Sustainability Update
  • Deliver between $300 million and $500 million of annual EBITDA from fiber-based businesses for which there is growing market demand.
    • Status: Growth and expansion in Personal Care and our fluff pulp conversion project at Ashdown, Arkansas, have the potential to generate approximately $280 million of additional EBITDA from growing fiber-based businesses.
  • Continually reduce our recordable safety incident rate. The target for 2015 is 0.92.

Community Investments Bring Domtar Out of the Mill and into Local Communities

Highlights from Domtar’s 2016 Sustainability Update
Multimedia with summary

It’s important to know where your paper comes from, and we urge customers to understand how their choices benefit not just our company, but entire communities.

Domtar’s Bennettsville, SC Mill Implements Wildlife Habitat Management Plan

Domtar's Wildlife Management Plan helps turkeys, deer, blue birds, bats and more.

A few years ago, Domtar’s Bennettsville, SC mill recognized the benefit that a habitat management plan would provide for the approximately 1800-acre site, helping increase the health of native wildlife and vegetation.  After the cause was championed by the local EarthChoice Ambassadors chapter, which seeks to engage employees around sustainability issues, the plant’s leadership team agreed to reach out to a regional university to begin t

For Every 100 Mill Jobs, Domtar Creates 325 Jobs Outside the Mill

Highlights from Domtar’s 2016 Sustainability Update
Multimedia with summary

Domtar has been a centerpiece in some of our communities for more than a century. We depend on them, and they depend on us.

In some cases, shared infrastructure such as roads, dams, water and wastewater treatment services and volunteer fire departments are physical reminders of how our connection goes beyond that of simply being a principal employer.

For every 100 jobs in one of our mills, an additional 325 jobs are created according to the Economic Policy Institute.  Maintaining an inviting, thriving community helps us recruit and retain the skilled employees we need.

Domtar Making Strides in Making Facilities Cleaner, Safer and Quieter in 2016

Highlights from Domtar’s 2016 Sustainability Update
Multimedia with summary

We've made our manufacturing facilities cleaner, quieter and safer. Domtar's recordable incident rate has been lowered by 50 percent since 2008, thanks to investments in safety systems, heightened attention to work procedures and improvements to personal protective equipment.

But data does more than just help tell our story. It helps drive our progress. Domtar is publicizing its "next step" safety improvement objective. To be clear, our ultimate goal remains unchanged: to eliminate workplace injuries. But we think we can reach that long-term goal by focusing on the short-term.


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