Duke Energy Offers Free Life Jackets on Rivers and Lakes in the Carolinas


Like a seatbelt, a life jacket has to be worn to be useful. Every summer, Scott Jolley goes on a mission to ensure boaters and swimmers understand the importance of wearing a life jacket.

Jolley runs Duke Energy’s free life jacket loan program in North Carolina and South Carolina. Life jacket loaner stations are at more than 20 locations at lakes, rivers and creeks, and Jolley's team plans to add more each year. 

Local Volunteer Honored with National Award

by Tracey Smith

The Albany Boys and Girls Club is receiving some national attention thanks to one if its longtime volunteers. On Tuesday, Maytag awarded one Albany local the 2015 Maytag Dependable Leader award. A.B. King was one of 11 national winners and said he was humbled to receive all the attention. “I never had anything this big before and the feeling is just unbearable and unbelievable," said King. Not only was King recognized by Maytag but he was also recognized by Mayor Hubbard and was awarded the Boys and Girls Club National Service to Youth Award.

Students Learn Survival Skills at Richmond Hill Pool

Swim to Survive+ Prepares Richmond Students for the Unexpected

Originally pubished in the Richmond Hill Liberal

Just before March break, Grade 7 students from Richmond Hill’s Walter Scott Public School got dressed in street clothing to go swimming at Centennial Pool.

The Big Problem with Too Little Play

Press Release

When we were growing up, the “lazy days of summer” meant kids would be out biking, swimming, playing flashlight tag and just being active and healthy.  But for today’s children, summers really are lazy.  Instead of heading out in the morning, playing all day, and coming home for dinner, kids are spending their free time on the couch, and they’re paying the price.

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