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2018 EHS And Sustainability Year-End Review


To wrap up 2018, Antea Group recaps its 10 most popular posts from last year, chosen by clients, partners and readers. It’s a list of awesome environment health, safety and sustainability blogs all compiled on this page!

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What Truly Drives EHS Compliance in the Tech Sector?


“There’s no doubt among tech company EHS leaders that compliance is an absolute must for running a healthy business,” says Peylina Chu, Antea Group Vice President and Technology Segment leader. But why is EHS compliance so important for companies?

Antea Group's blog discusses how adding business value, mitigating risk, and protecting brand reputation are among some of the powerful considerations that drive EHS compliance in a tech company.

What Does the Future Hold For EHS&S in The Tech Industry?

3 Experts Weigh In

The future is big and bright for the technology sector but what about EHS and sustainability in that sector? Is the future as rosy?

Three experts from Antea Group weigh in, presenting trends in the industry and what EHS and sustainability leaders at tech companies need to know in 2018 and beyond.

EHS Leaders at Tech Companies Reveal their Toughest Global Compliance Challenges


Tech company EHS teams today face complex compliance challenges that require customized solutions. This April, EHS and sustainability leaders from an array of tech companies came together for Antea Group’s sixth EHSxTech event. While there, attendees discussed their most difficult global EHS compliance challenges and shared best practices for tackling those challenges.

3 Important Industry Trends that EHS Teams at Tech Companies Need to Know


The technology industry has gone through immense growth in the past decades, but growth never comes without challenges—particularly when it comes to environment, health and safety (EHS). Antea Group's blog discusses some major trends shaping the tech industry, how EHS teams can show their strategic value, as well as tips and insights on how EHS teams can play a role in taking advantage of them.

Antea Group at Work in Silicon Valley


Nearly 60% of Silicon Valley’s largest tech companies benefit from Antea Group’s environment, health, safety, and sustainability services around the world. With Technology Forecasters Inc. (TFI) and Antea Group joining services, our Tech practice is bigger than ever here in Silicon Valley and globally. Our ESH&S solutions scaled and customized for your organization, with on-site experts on call all anywhere you need us. 

Tech Companies Join BSR Renewable Energy Sourcing Initiative

Press Release

Some leading Internet companies have teamed up with Business for Social Responsibility to focus on low-carbon power sourcing for their data centers. Facebook, HP, Adobe, eBay, Symantec, and, along with BSR, have created the Future of Internet Power, a leadership initiative that will address the sourcing of electric power.

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