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EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: A Roadmap Towards Quantifying and Managing Natural Capital Risk


By Ivo Mulder, Liesel van Ast, and Rachel Mountain | 30 August 2013

“Despite mounting evidence, natural capital is hardly accounted for by capital and insurance markets. The Natural Capital Declaration aims to provide solutions.”

Youth Perspective: Facing Down the Impacts of Climate Change Through Technology


By Paul Osho, 22 years old | 22 July 2013

As a member of the Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition, a national chapter of a wider African initiative on climate change that brings together young campaigners from across the continent, I am very much aware of how climate change is affecting our landscape and lifestyles.

Youth Perspective: No Bailout For the Climate


With cataclysmic changes in the financial sector in recent years and a vast swing in government policy to readdress economic wellbeing, climate policies have taken a back seat. In hushed and reverent tones in corridors of academia the question of whether we can keep anthropogenic climate warming in check given these present-day economic imperatives have been circulated in light of the public and policy shift in priorities.

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Invest in Smallholder Farmers


By Estrella Penunia

The economy of the Philippines grew 7.8% in the first quarter of this year, outperforming China and the rest of Asia. The media announced the news proudly and happily because this is the third quarter in a row that the country’s GDP exceeded 7%.

Three-Quarters of Asia-Pacific Nations ‘Lack Water Security’


By Prime Sarmiento and Shaira Panela

About 75 per cent of emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific region suffer from low levels of water security, with millions still living without safe water supplies and sanitation facilities, according to a study published this week (13 March).

U.S. Supreme Court Declines to hear Alaska Climate Change Case


By Lawrence Hurley | 20 May 2013

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear an Alaskan village’s claim that it should be able to sue oil companies and utilities for damages attributed to climate change.

Lawyers for the village of Kivalina wanted various named defendants responsible for greenhouse emissions, including Exxon Mobil Corp, Chevron Corp and Duke Energy Corp , to pay damages for greater flooding and erosion that they say have caused by a reduction in sea ice.

EXECUTIVE PERSPECTIVE: Three Questions for Choosing a Winning Company


By Chad Holliday | 25 April 2013

(Editors Note: Mr. Holliday is the former Chairman and CEO of DuPont, and he serves on several corporate boards)

Youth Perspective: Green jobs for young women, a sustainable path for the future


By Hope Mwanyuma

Kenya, like many other countries, has a polythene bag problem. Go into almost any store and the shopkeeper won’t even ask if you want your purchase put in a bag: the automatic response is to produce a flimsy piece of plastic and stuff everything in—even if all you have bought is bar a chocolate.

Extreme Weather Boosts Poverty in Sri Lanka


By Amantha Perera 

Without fail, Somadasa Gamage has prayed for one thing every year before he plants his crops.

“Rain,” says the 47-year-old vegetable farmer, who has farmed for three and a half decades in Sri Lanka’s remote south eastern Tanamalvilla area, a dry area where rain can be frustratingly scarce.

Solar Energy Brings Voters to the Polls in Kenya


By Kagondu Njagi | 26 March 2013

As Leseiya Nkontoi queued for hours to vote in Kenya’s tense presidential elections earlier this month, there was one problem she didn’t worry about: How to finish her neglected chores when she got back home late in the evening.

“I have solar lighting in my home,” said the 35-year-old. “This helped me with the kitchen work which I finished late into the night.”


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