Why Patagonia is Getting into Food?


By Yvon Chouinard, founder, Patagonia 

What’s an outdoor clothing company doing selling food? A similar question was asked of me in 1968, when we were blacksmithing new tools for mountain climbing, and suddenly started selling shorts, shirts and pants. Skepticism seems to rise whenever a company refuses to “stay in its lane,” but as an entrepreneur, I see business opportunities everywhere. As a lover of the outdoors, I see a way to save our home planet and its creatures—including us—from the destructive habits we’ve invented for ourselves. 

Protecting Soil: The Lifeblood of Agriculture

Confronting the Hard Reality of a Changing Climate

It’s been a heck of a year for Midwestern farmers. The worst flooding since the 1993 “Great Flood” completely disrupted the growing season across the region.

Climax Mine, a Freeport-McMoRan Company, Recycles Biosolids for Land Reclamation


Since 1997, Climax operations has helped local communities recycle waste by converting the biosolids from their wastewater treatment plants into compost to reclaim and revegetate lands used in past mining activities. Biosolids are trucked in, piled, mixed with wood chips, aerated, turned, blended, tested and rested for about 18 months until the material is nutrient-rich and pathogen-free. The compost is not used only for reclamation at Climax, but also is provided to the state of Colorado to reclaim and restore abandoned mine sites.

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