Caribou Cookies Help ‘Bring Back the Wild’ in Northern Alberta


Eight-year-old Emily was happy to roll-up her sleeves and make some serious dough – cookie dough that is – to help protect her favourite animal, the woodland caribou.

From her home in Port Elgin, Ont., the Grade Three student baked more than 350 caribou-shaped cookies to sell at a local bake sale to raise funds as part of Earth Rangers’ Bring Back the Wild campaign. It was hard work, but her baking contributed $500 to supporting important caribou habitat research in northern Alberta.

Feminist Stakeholders, the Dakota Pipeline and ESG Investing


by Rebecca Adamson, Native American economist, Founder and President, First Peoples Worldwide 

“The fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline has implications beyond the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. It is a fight for everyone who wants clean air, clean water, and gender equality. As governments increasingly prove incapable or unwilling to protect these things, citizens are turning to the market and the market is responding.” 

Transcanada Environmental Engineer Connects Community with Nature in Spokane


Growing up on the East Coast, Dan Maguire didn’t find a multitude of opportunities to be one with nature.

The Delaware River near his New Jersey home was badly polluted, but even at a young age, Maguire was able to find upstream waters that ran clean, allowing him to indulge his passion for outdoor pursuits.

New city, new environment

When Maguire found an opportunity to work as an engineer in TransCanada’s Environmental Services division in the Pacific Northwest, he jumped at the chance.

Eyeing New Technology for Pipeline Leak Detection


Testing New Tech in the Real World

Not unlike speed skating, the pipeline business is a high-tech, high-performance industry. And thanks to one complex and evolving piece of equipment, the similarities don’t stop there.

In 1998, an innovative university research project quickly led to the founding in 2003 of a Calgary-based company focused on real-time video analytic applications in hospitals, airports and wildlife settings – in addition to its usefulness in tracking lanes for speed skating.

Finding Her Voice


Raramuri leader influences traditional roles

For Rosa Villalobos – a member of the Raramuri First Nation in Mexico’s north central region – the ability to speak in front of crowds and provide key information to her community wasn’t always second nature.

TransCanada Recognized for Leadership in Corporate Sustainability

Company awarded for committment to Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s something many of us ask ourselves, especially around the start of a new year – what have I learned and how can I do better? From a company standpoint, opening ourselves up to evaluation by leading agencies is one way we can learn and improve.

Technology Takes a Big Bite Out of GHGs

Mobile compressor stations keep natural gas in the pipe

Back in 1978 when the pulldown compressor station was invented by TransCanada, likely nobody — not even the inventors — realized the full extent of the “Eureka!” moment they were having.

Unlike permanent compressor stations, which are necessary to ensure natural gas continues to flow throughout the pipeline system, pulldown compressors (also known as transfer compressors) move on flat-bed trucks to assist in pipeline maintenance activities. These mobile stations move across Canada to help divert gas out of pipeline sections that are shut down for maintenance.

Nature Comes Indoors

Support for the Nature Conservancy proves to be a fascinating partnership

Over the lunch hour on Monday, October 17, pliers, safety goggles, gloves and mesh panels were on the menu for TransCanada head office employees volunteering with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to help build range cages.

As part of TransCanada’s month-long Get Empowered giving and volunteering campaign, employees have been supporting conservation efforts of our long-time non-profit environmental partner through various volunteering and awareness events at our Calgary office.

One Step Closer to Thousands of Jobs

Leach XPress will bring benefits for generations to come

There is no other company on this continent that can match the connectivity TransCanada has forged in its natural gas pipelines business – including an important link to the fastest growing natural gas supply basins.

Smiles and Hope in Fraser Lake

Playground investment rallies residents big and small

Residents of Fraser Lake, B.C. — a village along the Coastal GasLink pipeline project route — say TransCanada and its employees have become friends and partners, breathing new life into the community and providing hope for better days ahead after being impacted by job losses in early 2015.


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