Video Storytelling

Viewers Don’t Want a Polished Sound Bite Machine, Says Author of Book Blasting Media Training

Filmmaker Vern Oakley talks authenticity and corporate responsibility video storytelling
By Dave Armon

When I travel to Northampton, Massachusetts, to spend time at 3BL Media’s headquarters, I invariably walk away smarter about the way corporate social responsibility and sustainability communicators do their jobs.

My colleagues on 3BL Media’s media consultant team work closely with clients, publishing content and reporting back on the effectiveness of various media types.

While some content types ebb and flow in popularity, video remains a reliable performer. 

Visual Storytelling Brings Diversity to Life

How TWC Uses Content Creation To Tell Employee Stories

By Andy Benton, Executive Producer, Content Creation

Storytelling.  It’s a word used quite a bit in communications.  When utilized properly at it’s essence, it delivers a connection and an impact that written reports, presentations, or even slick advertisements can’t produce.

When Time Warner Cable, a company of 50,000 + employees, wanted to tell the story of how our company recognizes “National Disability Employment Awareness Month,” I knew I would only need one special person who you will meet.

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