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VIDEO | Barclays Citizenship Awards: Team CXWorks - Access to Employment

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Team CXWorks partnered with Tech Impact to develop a curriculum for a call centre training programme in Nevada to support unemployed young adults. The team volunteered 250+ hours to deliver vocational training, resulting in employment being secured. In Nevada, almost 10% of young adults aged 16-24 are unemployed. Tech Impact provides workforce development programmes to disadvantaged youths in Wilmington, DE and Las Vegas, NV. Working with Tech Impact, Barclays colleagues created a curriculum for call centre training to establish a hiring pipeline in Nevada.

6 Remarkable Scholars Who Have Big Plans for the Future

Children International's HOPE Scholarships Help Fund Secondary School, Vocational Training or a College Education

6 Remarkable Scholars Who Have Big Plans for the Future

Education opens doors to bright futures. At CI, we've seen how transformational it is thousands of times: Shy kids blossom into eager, outgoing students. Teens use their knowledge to tutor younger children in the community centers. Youth graduating from college secure jobs that pay more in one week than their parents make in a month.

SAP to Fund Irish Students Interested in STEM Sector Through College

German software giant will pay 5-10 students €22,000 per year for duration of their degree

By Pamela Newenham

Software firm SAP is looking to fund between five and 10 students here through third-level education, as part of an expansion of its Germany-based vocational training programme.

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