BrightDrop Announces Walmart As New EV Customer and Expands Collaboration With FedEx at CES

In just one year since the company’s launch, BrightDrop starts 2022 with strong momentum from substantial EV reservations

FedEx has signed an agreement with BrightDrop reserving priority production for 2,000 electric delivery vans over the next few years. This agreement adds to FedEx’s initial reservation of 500 BrightDrop EVs announced last year. In addition, FedEx is working on a plan to add up to 20,000 more in the years to follow, subject to further negotiations and execution of a definitive purchase agreement. FedEx also unveiled plans to expand its testing of BrightDrop’s EP1 electrified container to 10 markets beginning in 2022.

Walmart and NAACP Join Forces To Create Educational Pathways for Returning Citizens

By Jelahn Stewart, Vice President, Global Ethics & Compliance and Regine Moore, Director, Constituent Relations

Many of us have witnessed inequitable outcomes for people of color in the criminal justice system. The long-term, cumulative impact that criminal justice disparities have on communities of color can have lasting, damaging effects. When individuals enter the system, there are significant obstacles for them to return to society after they have paid their debt. Obtaining an education or trade skills to secure gainful employment is often one of the biggest challenges. At Walmart, we believe access to education is a pathway to opportunity and should be open to everyone.

Walmart Creates Industry First by Introducing Science-Based Targets for Supply Chain Finance Program

Press Release

BENTONVILLE, Ark., LONDON, HONG KONG, Dec. 8, 2021 — Walmart today raised the bar on climate action by creating a supply chain finance program that not only enables greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions, but for the first time, uses science-based targets to do so in a way that aims for a 1.5-degree Celsius pathway.

Supporting Our Neighbors: An Update on Walmart's Work to Welcome Afghan Refugees

By Dan Bartlett, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Walmart

Ahmed Nabizada remembers standing in the candle section on one of his days as a Walmart department manager. As he looked at the rows of candles of all shapes and sizes, he worried. Originally from Kabul, Afghanistan, he had just moved to the United States from Pakistan. He was concerned his first job was going to be a failure, because there were simply too many candles to sell.

Eventually, he worked up the courage to talk to his manager. Electricity was available everywhere, so why would anyone ever buy a candle?

Walmart Honors Veterans and Military Families With Jobs, Opportunity and Peer Connections

By Brynt Parmeter, Senior Director, Military & STEM Programs, Walmart

Walmart’s commitment to our Veterans is nothing new. In fact, it began a long time ago, with our very first veteran: Sam Walton. He served in the U.S. Army Intelligence Corps and brought with him the values that define us to this day. It’s that same set of values that make us so grateful for our nation’s veterans, and as we reflect on their sacrifices, we look to honor their futures too.

Walmart Continues To Progress Beyond the Plastic Bag

By Jane Ewing, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Walmart

Walmart continues to reinvent the retail experience as we move toward a more sustainable future. At the heart of these efforts is something that seems simple: the plastic bag.

Walmart and Increase Access to Educational Opportunities for Black and African Americans

Press Release

BENTONVILLE, Ark., October 27, 2021 /3BL Media/ - Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) and today announced a trio of additional shared value and philanthropic initiatives that build on its strategy to advance equity in education, including:

Walmart Foundation and Walton Family Foundation Renew Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Northwest Arkansas

IDEALS Institute will Lead Initiative to Strengthen Capacity of Local Nonprofits
Press Release

BENTONVILLE, Ark., October 28, 2021 /3BL Media/ – The Walmart Foundation and Walton Family Foundation are supporting the efforts of Northwest Arkansas nonprofits to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive region. Grants to the University of Arkansas Foundation will allow the IDEALS Institute to provide 100 organizations with professional development, technical assistance and relationship-building opportunities. Center for Racial Equity Update: Creating Career Pathways through Education

By Patti Constantakis, PhD

Education means something different to everyone. Being part of a family of educators, early on, I understood that education can open doors to opportunity. But growing up in a mixed-race family on the U.S.-Mexico border, I also saw firsthand the numerous barriers to opportunity within the education system – particularly for Black and African Americans. And for the working adults around me, those barriers were even bigger. As a society, we have not paid enough attention to such barriers and the factors that hold people back.

P&G and Walmart Team Up to Assist Consumers in Eco-friendly Choices


With reports from the IPCC calling “code red” on climate, Americans are becoming exponentially more aware and concerned about the world’s climate crisis. Still, most are not sure how they can contribute to solving such an immense threat as an individual. One place they are looking for answers is the corporate sector.


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