Cutting-Edge Technology Could Help Our Earth: My Time at CTIA Super Mobility 2016

By Tim Fleming, AT&T Director, Enterprise Sustainability

My descent into Las Vegas last month was an important reminder of the imminent – but not inevitable – water crisis facing the United States. 

Working Together for Stormwater Solutions in Puget Sound

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Visit www.king5.com.

No one company, sector, or individual can solve important environmental issues like stormwater. Boeing, The Nature Conservancy, Washington Stormwater Center and Stewardship Partners have come together to invest in solutions where both people and nature can thrive.

Learn more about Boeing's environmental commitment at www.boeing.com/environment.

Our Summer with an EDF Climate Corps Fellow

By Jori Mendel, Strategic Alliance Manger for AT&T Smart Cities

Doing One Thing to Improve our Community in Bengaluru

By Bharathi Athinarayanan, Principal Member of Technical Staff for AT&T in Bengaluru, India.

How do you save more than 3,800 gallons of water and 40 pounds of trash in Bengaluru, India? You get together a bunch of dedicated colleagues who are passionate about making their world a better place. By working together over a year, my 75 colleagues and I demonstrate that small actions for good can add up to a big, positive impact. It all started with doing one thing – really.

Oceana and Bloomberg Philanthropies: Working Together for Vibrant Oceans


Originally posted on Bloomberg.org.

By Andy Sharpless, Oceana CEO

In January 2014, Bloomberg Philanthropies launched its Vibrant Oceans Initiative, a five-year, $53 million commitment to help restore fish populations around the world. The grant, which supports work by Oceana, Rare and Encourage Capital, marked the largest philanthropic commitment to international fisheries reform management to date.

Kohler Co. Donates Water Filters to Louisiana Disaster Relief

KOHLER Clarity Filters Remove Bacteria, Provide Safe Drinking Water to Flood Victims
Press Release

September 14, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Catastrophic flooding has left much of Louisiana under a boil water advisory. Municipal water supplies across the affected region have been damaged by flood water, debris and lightning strikes.

Knorr Educates Consumers on “Saving Hidden Water” in Food


When people think about conserving water at home, they probably first think of turning off the faucet when brushing their teeth or perhaps taking a "navy shower" to reduce personal water usage, but it's not likely that what's for dinner would be top of mind. Yet, the impact of what is on our plates is dramatic.

Achieving Zero in the Built Environment

From Healthier Homes to Energy Efficient Office Buildings

Without a dramatic change in the way built environments are designed, constructed, and operated, the world has no chance of adequately addressing climate change...That is how the new September 2016 issue of GreenMoney begins, but it quickly moves to offering solutions from Healthier Homes to more Energy-Efficient Office Buildings. Here are the new articles and an insightful video from architect William McDonough.

Flint, Michigan – Making Sure History Doesn’t Repeat Itself

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The following post is part of a series of stories written by Booz Allen Hamilton’s Summer Games interns. The opinions and views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the views of Booz Allen.

By Camille McGirt and Anna Deberry

The news of contaminated water reaching the citizens of Flint, Michigan, has been heartbreaking – and worrisome.  How easily could this happen in towns across the U.S.?


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