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Why the Food & Beverage Sector Can Take the Lead on Advancing Water Security


Over three decades of water stewardship consulting-- 26,000 water risk screenings and 400 watershed assessments reveal to Antea Group and its global partners this little fact--

While every business entity, government, and individual can play a role in advancing water security, the food and beverage sector is uniquely positioned to take the lead. Find out why right here.

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Practitioner Spotlight - Peter Penning


Antea Group spotlights Peter Penning, its Water Stewardship Solution Leader, who is based in Europe and whose career spans continents. Peter is enthusiastic and hopeful about the future of water sustainability: “It’s the one sustainability challenge I believe can be tackled in my lifetime.”

Advancing Water Security: 5 Tips to Help Food & Beverage Companies Power Up


Water is the foundation of all food and beverage businesses. But water access, availability, and quality are diminishing.

Antea Group advocates that food and beverage companies move from water stewardship to water security to strengthen their business. Read five tips you can use to take your water strategy to the next level.

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Nestlé Waters to Certify 20 Factories with AWS for Water Stewardship by 2020


Nestlé Waters has today announced that it will strengthen its collaboration with the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) to certify 20 factories by 2020. 

The company has already certified three Nestlé Waters bottling facilities: one in Sheikhupura, Pakistan, and two in California (Ontario and Sacramento). It plans to certify additional sites in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the United States.

BIER Releases Latest Practical Watershed Context Tool

Performance in Watershed Context Insights Paper
Press Release

A collaboration of 19 leading beverage companies developed and tested a pragmatic decision support process for enabling more informed water-related investment decisions across a portfolio of operational sites. The Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable’s (BIER) insights paper, entitled Performance in Watershed Context: Insights and Opportunities, provides a concise update to and builds upon earlier work completed via key partnerships with technical advisors from Ceres, The Nature Conservancy, and World Resources Institute.

Why Water Security Is the Future of Water Stewardship


Are traditional water stewardship practices going to be enough to sustain water access, availability, and quality — and your business — for the long-term? To put it bluntly, no. Read why Antea Group believes that water stewardship is not the end game — it’s the kick-off, and water security is the actual winning touchdown.

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Feeding Ourselves Thirsty Report – Water Stewardship Work Recognized

by Jeff Hanratty

Water stewardship is an integral part of General Mills' efforts to continually reduce the environmental impact of our operations, including the impact that occurs upstream of our own facilities.

Agriculture uses 70 percent of global freshwater withdrawals; therefore, General Mills has made it a priority to see that collaborative watershed protection plans are developed in regions where the company’s footprint intersects high water risk.

3 Data-Driven Insights to Propel Water Stewardship in the Food & Beverage Sector


Water is the foundation of a food and beverage company’s business. Burgeoning population, climate uncertainties, political volatility and other conditions have an effect on water availability for business.


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