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See How Medtronic Employees Are Advancing Sustainability

The Environmental Action Group is a thriving resource for employees with a shared passion for the environment

When Shona Kamps first looked to get involved with sustainability efforts at Medtronic, she discovered there wasn’t a central group to connect employees with a shared passion for the environment.

In response, she joined with colleagues to start a global group from scratch, and the Medtronic Environmental Action Group (EAG) was born.

A Better World for Our Children: World Environment Day 2014

By Gabriela Burian, Global Lead, Sustainable Agriculture Environment, Monsanto

If you have kids, like me, you’re probably concerned about their future. And doing everything that you feel is possible to help them to have a better world. Today is the World Environment Day, a good opportunity for reflection and perfect timing to reinforce environment causes that we care about.

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