wellness in the workplace

The Wellness Agenda – Ripple or Wave?

Occupiers are putting employee wellness firmly at the centre of their business strategies. We examine the potential benefits and assess the likely longevity of this movement.

Wellness. Wellbeing. Healthy. Words that ten or even as recently as five years ago were rarely used in the context of real estate. Fast forward to 2018 and – along with technology and innovation -- the wellness agenda is taking centre-stage. Occupiers are starting to place employee wellness at the centre of their business strategies and at the same time the real estate industry is eager to demonstrate the benefits of healthy buildings.

American Cancer Society Announces Sponsors for Corporate Impact Conference


The American Cancer Society is proud to announce the 2013 sponsors for the Corporate Impact Conference, to be held in Denver, Colorado on June 12-13, 2013.  

Presenting sponsors include: AGLA and US Bank.

Leadership sponsors include: Avis Budget Group, CoBiz Financial, Firstbank Holding Company, Wyndham worlwide, Banyan Communications, and Wellpoint.

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