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There’s Never Been a Better Time for Women to Shape Asia Pacific’s Future

by Sandy Walsh, Director, Social Innovation Group – Asia Pacific and Japan Cisco

Digitization is changing the world. More than ever, there’s a tremendous opportunity to be a global problem solver who can innovate as a technologist, think like an entrepreneur and act as a social change agent.

Celebrating Women in STEM on Ada Lovelace Day

by Austin Belisle

For every young woman who wants to pursue a career in science, math, engineering, or technology (STEM), look no further than Ada Lovelace. Born in 1815 at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, she gravitated toward the fascinating world of science and mathematics, eventually becoming the world’s first computer programmer.

Bechtel's Linda Miller Shortlisted for the 2016 WISE Woman of the Year Award

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Bechtel's Linda Miller has been shortlisted for the 2016 WISE Woman of the Year Award! Linda works on Crossrail - Europe's largest construction project - as project manager for Farringdon Station in London. Find out who else made the shortlist here.

Learn more about Diversity and Inclusion at Bechtel.

Unique Camp Teaches Girls Robotics, Engineering


SAN DIEGO -- While most kids spend their summer break playing outdoors, a group of sixth-graders are building robots.
It's part of Qualcomm's STEM camp...

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There’s Never Been a Better Time to Mentor in STEM

by Efrat Noy, Product Manager, Cisco

A wise man once told me, “There’s no better title than ‘Dad’.” We were talking about career achievements and family, and how to balance the two. I have to hand it to him — he definitely put things into perspective for me.

That title carries a lot of responsibility, not only in providing for a family, but more so in educating the younger generation. ‘Dad’ and ‘Mom’ are titles given to us as soon as our children are born. It’s a very simple, straightforward process. But, how do you earn that title?

Follow the Journey of These Women in STEM!

By: Roadtrip Nation

The number of STEM jobs is increasing—but the number of women entering these fields isn’t. We’re on a mission to change that.

Booz Allen Makes an Impact at WE15—World’s Largest Conference for Women Engineers


A cadre of Booz Allen’s women engineers participated in WE15 last month, an annual conference that brings together more than 250 of the world’s leading engineering and technology companies and organizations and a global audience of more 8,000 women at all stages of their engineering careers.

One of My Greatest Life Decisions: Becoming an Engineer

Shraddha Chaplot, Greengineer and Machinegineer at Cisco

Have you ever believed that you could do or be anything? That in your heart and gut, you knew that you were destined to change the world in your own way, exciting, empowering and enabling so many others so they may do the things they never thought they could?

That's how I feel every day; and whether the world changes or not, that feeling is what inspires me to keep playing.

It’s Wrong That in a Room of 25 Engineers, Only 3 Are Women


This post is by Lowell McAdam, CEO and Chairman at Verizon. It was first shared on his LinkedIn profile.

Inspired minds are a powerful force. They can tackle big challenges, stand up for what’s right, and disrupt the status quo. Best of all, inspired minds can change the world.

Green Girls Visit NY1

Time Warner Cable's NY1 station hosts City Parks Foundation's Green Girls
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On July 23, 2014, Time Warner Cable, the City Parks Foundation, and the Green Team at Time Warner Cable News NY 1 news channel partnered to bring 30 energetic young women to the NY1 studios as part of the Green Girls summer program. After recently studying how STEM concepts and digital media relate, getting a behind the scenes peek at the NY1 news room was the perfect real world counterpart. The tour was led by NY1 news anchor and Green Team Captain, Bree Driscoll, who explained every step of the life cycle of a news story.


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