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Drama Empowers Women in Chiapas, Mexico

Press Release

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) March 8, 2011 - “When my mother was engaged in the 1970s more or less, women couldn’t get ahead even if they wanted to – they couldn’t study and forget about them understanding their rights. Imagine how much heart these women must have had to handle so much oppression,” said Luz Angelica to her curious assistant Namir.

An Issue Deserving of the World's Attention


With Super Bowl XLV just around the corner, many advertisers and marketers are eagerly anticipating the airing of what is undoubtedly their largest advertising spend of the year— their commercials. While the industry is laser-focused on this event, they likely aren’t thinking about the real social issue in the world happening right in front of them— sex trafficking.

Investing in India's Women: How the Corporate Sector is Helping Drive Change

By: Jennifer George

As any observer of the global economy knows, India has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. In fact, the Indian economy has been growing by about 8 percent each year since 2006, reducing poverty by about 10 percentage points since 1997. And the corporate sector is helping drive this change.


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