The Journal Science Says Abbott is a Top Employer

Company Earns High Marks for Social Responsibility, Employee Loyalty, Workplace Culture

The journal Science today recognized Abbott as a Top 20 EmployerThe global healthcare company ranked No. 14 overall, receiving high marks for social responsibility, employee loyalty, and having a work culture that aligns with the values of its employees.

Workplace Strategies for Keeping Employees Engaged and Present

by Daniel Rosen

It may be harder than ever to keep an employee at a job for the entirety of their career. Recent research has shown that the average worker stays at his or her job for just 4.6 years. What’s more, that worker is likely to have had 10 jobs before reaching the age of 40. This type of volatility poses a real challenge to companies trying to retain top talent and keep their employees happy, engaged and productive.

Should Your Company Let You Nap?

by Daniel Rosen

In a competitive, fast-paced workplace environment, taking a nap in your office could be a risky proposition. Literally sleeping on the job could be a career-breaker—or at the least could cause more than a few sideways glances in your direction.

But at the offices of Nationwide Planning in Paramus, N.J., not only is it OK to take nap when you need one—it’s encouraged.

“A happy employee is a more productive employee,” says Mike Karalewich, CEO of Nationwide Planning, a financial advisory firm.

Should You Sit or Stand at Your Desk? The Right Answer is “Both”!

by Giovanna Fabiano

It’s no secret that sitting down at a desk all day may be bad for your health.

A growing number of companies are beginning to understand the negative consequences of sitting for too long and are offering stand-up desks for their employees.

Four Employee Perks That Work


For many, the traditional 9-to-5 workday at the office is an artifact of a distant past. Technology has enabled a culture of constant connectivity. If you can work from anywhere, you’ll usually do just that: through dinner, late at night and on weekends.

At the same time, with the boundaries between our work and personal lives increasingly blurred, workplace flexibility is gaining credibility for its impact on employee creativity and productivity.

Bloomberg's Erika Irish Brown: Asking Ourselves How to Develop Women of Color in the Workplace


Originally posted on LinkedIn.

At the end of June, Bloomberg had the privilege of hosting the Council of Urban Professionals’ first Chief Diversity Officer Roundtable. I think all would agree it was a great success, but like so many forums that address issues of critical importance there was so much ground to cover and so little time. 

Best for Vets: Verizon is the No. 1 Ranked Employer for Military Veterans


Verizon is known for being the best at many things – the best wireless network quality and reliability, and the best Internet service provider are perhaps what we are most well known for.

Debunking the Workplace Generation Gap Myth Once and for All

We don't need to "figure out" millennials. New research shows that we're all basically the same when it comes to what we want out of work.

By Samantha Cole

The millennial worker roams wild, roving through your cubicle jungle searching for the hottest office perk, easily distracted by a brand worthy of their clicks, and leaning in so far that their necks have evolved to hover over screens and keyboards.


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