Antonio Pasolini

Antonio Pasolini
Corporate Social Responsibility writer for Justmeans, Antonio Pasolini is a journalist currently based in Berlin who writes about clean energy, green living and sustainability. He also works as a translator (Portuguese-English) and promotes animal rights and veganism in his spare time. He is the proud guardian of a dog called Dylan, who was rescued from a public shelter in Spain. Pasolini recently launched a book of short stories in Portuguese called Ponto de Fuga.

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10 months 2 weeks ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – JetBlue has found a creative way to promote kindness amongst its customers. The airline is currently promoting its JetBlue for Good Month initiative by inviting customers to check in at pop-up kiosks as well as online. This way, compassionate - and lucky - participants can get a free volunteer trip with JetBlue.

JetBlue has installed mock check-in kiosks in New York City and Los Angeles. The kiosks will stay up until November 9. Called Check In For Good (...

10 months 3 weeks ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The ‘elephant in the room’ may well be replaced with the ‘cow in the room’ when it comes to GHG emissions. Livestock is the biggest emitter of gases that cause climate change. Yet, authorities and decision-makers tend to focus on other industries, such as transportation and manufacturing, and leave animal agriculture out of their mitigation plans.

In response to that, FAIRR is sending out a strong message to negotiators at the COP23 taking place November 6-11 in Bonn, Germany. FAIRR has investors managing over $4 trillion in...

10 months 3 weeks ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Big data – the gathering and storing of large amounts of information for later analysis – is helping accelerate social good initiatives, with great results.

One company that has lent its expertise to making a difference through its data capabilities is consulting company Booz Allen Hamilton. The company’s...

10 months 3 weeks ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans)  - Natural soap and body care company, Dr. Bronner’s, has a lot to celebrate on World Vegan Day (1st November). Besides making organic, cruelty-free products, the company is a massive supporter of animal advocacy groups, besides other causes.

By the end of 2017, Dr. Bronner’s will have donated over $600,000 to animal charities. The beneficiaries include organizations that expose the suffering of animals in factory farms, protect sea animals, and educate the public.


10 months 4 weeks ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Colombian-born pop star Shakira launched a new project by her Fundación Pies Descalzos during a ceremony in Barcelona, Spain. The NGO got a financial boost from Costa Cruises to help economically excluded children get access to education and improve their economic prospects.

The new school will be built in the Cartagena region in Colombia and is expected to be finished and delivered by June 2019. The school will reach around 1,300 local students aged 6-18 years.

The school will follow Pies Descalzos’s public...

10 months 4 weeks ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Organic and non-GMO food is a growing trend among ethical consumers, who want their food purchases to be lighter on their health, animals and the planet. One family-built company based in Arizona is making a difference with its socially responsible approach to food production. Now the company wants its peers to follow suit.

Divine Flavor, a Mexican fair trade...

10 months 4 weeks ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Diabetes is a massive epidemic. According to the U.N., in 2012 diabetes killed 1.5 million people globally, mostly those who do not have proper access to treatment to manage the condition. To help those patients in more vulnerable positions, Merck, the leading pharmaceutical company in diabetes treatment, has launched a new program to improve the lives of those people.

Called Bridging the Gap, the program will receive in total $16 million from the...

11 months 5 days ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans)  -  Fact: humanity wastes a huge amount of food and this need to change. According to the USDA, in the U.S. alone approximately 2.7 billion pounds of meat, poultry and fish are lost, totaling $8.8 billion.

With all that food, huge amounts of resources are also wasted. When we remember that to make one pound of beef it takes more than 600 gallons of water, 1.8 pounds of grain and 50 pounds of CO2, we get an idea of how devastating food waste is.

It is a major, very complex issue and there is not one single solution...

11 months 5 days ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The Fair Trade Certified seal is probably one of the most recognizable certifications consumers look for when purchasing ethical goods. There is a wide range of certified products available, most visibly in the garment and food/beverage sectors.

Coffee is one of the key markets in which Fair Trade USA, the leading certifying body of its kind in North America, operates. Smallholder coffee farmers in producing countries have benefitted...

11 months 1 week ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Two childhood friends have won the top prize at the 2017 Stockholm Junior Water prize sponsored by Xylem. Ryan Thorpe and Rachel Chang, seniors at Manhasset Secondary School on Long Island, N.Y., have created a system that uses biosensors to detect individual colonies of four of the most common pathogenic bacteria found in water, paving the way for applications in regions where clean water is a luxury.

At the center of the...