Antonio Pasolini

Antonio Pasolini
Corporate Social Responsibility writer for Justmeans, Antonio Pasolini is a journalist based in Brazil who writes about alternative energy, green living and sustainability. He also works as a translator (Portuguese-English) and promotes veganism and animal rights in Brazil. Pasolini recently launched a book of short stories in Portuguese called Ponto de Fuga.

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5 months 1 week ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Offshore windpower is now a reality in the U.S. as the much-awaited Block Island Wind Farm has completed its commissioning and testing phases and begun commercial operations. It is now delivering electricity into the New England region’s grid on a regular basis. The energy produced from the Block Island Wind Farm is linked to the New England grid by the multinational utility National Grid’s new sea2shore submarine transmission cable system.

National Grid has become the first U.S. utility to deliver wind electricity from an offshore source...

5 months 1 week ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Gender equality. A buzz term ​still evading women, who still ​lag behind in terms of wages and representativeness in the workplace, politics and just about every sector of society. However, ​entrepreneurialship has seen a spike in recent times, as a new study by the Kaufman Foundation shows​. But much more needs to be done to redress the gender balance.

The latest...

5 months 2 weeks ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - For several decades, practicality trumped health when it came to food choices, with disastrous consequences on human health, ​including soaring ​rates of obesity, heart problems and diabetes​, besides the risks associated with environmentally-unfriendly pesticides.​ Since most people spend a great deal of their days at work, improving access to proper food in the workplace is essential.

Fortunately, a paradigm shift is brewing.​​

“A workplace...

5 months 3 weeks ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - The folks at Bacardi ​must be in high spirits right now​. The iconic ​beverage​ company has succeeded in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions worldwide in half, beating its self-imposed December 2017 deadline by more than a year. The reduction achieved equals to taking 15,000 cars off the road each year. reducing oil use by 165,000 barrels annually or installing 18 wind turbines.

​​Bacardi says it ​managed to score this sustainability goal​ by systematically pursuing the objectives and actions laid out in Good Spirited: Building a...

5 months 3 weeks ago

There is a new way to put ​online shopping packaging to good use. An initiative known as Give Back Box allows shoppers to donate used goods using the same box that carried their newly-bought goods. It's a double-whammy: you recycle and donate stuff you no longer need, and reuse the cardboard paper of the packaging, which otherwise would end up on a landfill site.

For this holiday season, Goodwill, the NGO behind the iniatiative, is partnering with leading retailers to make it easy for online shoppers to reuse, repurpose and recycle textiles and clothing. Launched one year ​ago to...

5 months 3 weeks ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - It sounds like the stuff of sci-fi horror, but it's a prospect that we finally waking up to. We have turned the world into a massive lab of superbugs, due to antibiotic abuse, especially in animal farming. Animal farming gets singled out on this issue because antiobiotics has become the only way animals can endure the few months of intense confinement until they are slaughtered. In pig farms, for instance, animals have poor immune systems because they are taken away from their mothers while still suckling. The industry responds by...

5 months 4 weeks ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - As far as the developed world goes, Europe is at the forefront of sustainability leadership and policy-making commitments to sustainability. ​An educated population with ​a high level ​of environmental​ ​awareness also comes into play, as they are readier to reach deeper into their pockets to pay for clean electricity, for example. Europe is also seriously commit​t​ed to the Paris Agreement.

Across the pond, things have taken an uncertain direction with the new Trump presidency, who vowed to back out of the Paris Agreement​ (later, he has said he will keep an open mind about it) and defund climate change research at...

6 months 4 days ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Germany has a very good reputation for the excellence ​associated with its manufacturing tradition. And it's also a country where sustainability and ethics play a major role in consumer behavior, perhaps more than so than other European countries. As we have reported before, the capital Berlin has become a mecca of sustainable and vegan lifestyles and it​'​s quite likely that it will carry on in this direction due to...

6 months 1 week ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Media overkill. Work. Environmental concerns. Wars. Violence. Injustice. It is easy to get caught in a maelstrom of anger, hopelessness and anxiety, which are feelings that are harmful to us. They make us lose focus, and drain us of vital energy to live fuller, happier lives.

​But there are techniques that we can employ to escaoe this feeling of chaos​​​ and one of them is mindfulness, a type of meditation that helps us get centered on the present and the 'here and now'. ​By and large, mindfulness means paying attention​ to...

6 months 2 weeks ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Many parts of Africa that were never linked to an electric grid are skipping that bit and racing ahead with the solar revolution, thanks to off-grid solar. Several companies, including Off Grid Electric, Bboxx, Azuri Technologies and M-Kopa, have built a massive customer base that is bringing sustainable progress to that part of the world.

The figures are impressive. According to the UK Economist, it is...