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9 years 9 months ago

<p>Over the last 15 years a dramatic shift has been made in our economic structure toward a global model of production.&nbsp; Of course, the idea is that each country focuses on what it can do best, and we will all be more efficient, productive, and richer.&nbsp; China is good at industrial production.&nbsp; Germany is good at engineering.&nbsp; The U.S. is good at branding.&nbsp; We have something designed in Germany (with assistance from Indian engineers via the Internet), produce it in China, and sell it under a logo in the United States. <br />...

9 years 10 months ago

<p>Thank you for joining me on my inaugural piece for All Things Reconsidered.&nbsp; As a business writer I examine the landscape of the world of economic trade.&nbsp; As an individual deeply concerned with the ongoing existence of our society, I try to explore reasons why our businesses have taken our world to a state of unsustainable growth and consumption.&nbsp; Out of my columns I hope we can all gain a better understanding of how we got here and where we should go.</p>
<p>Let's begin with a look at why we should care about...