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11 years 8 months ago

Obama spoke in his State of the Union Address on many topics and matters but the most important one on the minds of the 10-15% of the population unemployed is when will new jobs be created? When will my resume be read and an interview result in a solid living wage job offer. People I know are being faced with possible foreclosure, bankruptcy, repossessions due to being out of work. Their lives are now facing a new turn unique to them but not uncommon for many. Who do we turn to and what do we do?

It’s good to hear that President Obama is calling for a new bill to generate jobs opportunities but where...

11 years 8 months ago

We’re seeing specific trends, which relate to job opportunities, which impact your employability and possible job direction. What I recommend is that you examine your values, interests and skills in the context of where our world is going and the trends that are upon us.

There are five major areas that we are seeing house new career focuses. What I encourage you to do is not only look at the job titles and industries but to also explore how those skills needed and being sought after can inspire and give direction to auxiliary careers.

The five categories are: science and technology...

11 years 8 months ago

This year I equate leadership to your health as strengthening my health is one of my main focuses this year. What is one of yours? As you strengthen your inner health and expression your outer expression naturally shifts and changes too. Take a look at the article Sustaining healthy resolutions under Health to get inspired.

Who is your ideal super hero figure? Are you demonstrating those qualities in your career search and your job? I find it easier when coaching clients to help them project onto a movie...

11 years 8 months ago

As a business owner you have the incredible ability to impact significant trends and new movements by thinking differently and choosing to align your values with your direction. Take a look at the article by Marcia in Social Enterprise.

Part of being a visionary is looking in areas where you can get insights and apply to your line of work. Take for instance working in co-working groups. Where can you apply that principle in one or many areas in your business? Who can you work along side that in the past perhaps you didn’t? Insight...

11 years 8 months ago

There are two types of quiet. One of which is quiet due to absence of noise and conversation and the other is from inner silence based on clear convictions, principles and focus. In the workplace and all areas of life, both are valid and relevant to producing the results that you desire. In my blog and during the month of January I’ll be writing about Spirit at Work and Leadership. Please encourage your colleagues and friends to visit JustMeans and sign up for our blog.

As a leader your power and strength come from a vision and willingness to act with personal and collective...

11 years 9 months ago

It’s important to identify what your natural strengths are and give space and time to shine in the workplace. I recommend you review all the past jobs you have had and identify your specific areas of accomplishments. Make a list of each position with title, job responsibilities and your results; big or small. Make note of specific acknowledgements and feedback from those who you work with and for. Their descriptions and language can give you guidance about the specific master passions which are yours.

Passion is a compelling action or emotion that moves you into action or maintains...

11 years 9 months ago

Have you identified a way to give back and serve others?

Be authentic: drop expectations of yourself and others. Every holiday is different, and each year the experience you have on the same holiday will vary. Placing expectations on yourself to cook the perfect meals, go to all the parties, pick the right gifts (in the right sizes and colors) and to be entertained and to entertain everyone you are with, is a setup for stress and disappointment. Being where you are now requires that you hold yourself differently and plan accordingly. Back to telling the truth and...

11 years 9 months ago

How is it coming along taking care of yourself and including others?

Don’t spend holidays alone. Holidays are not happy times for some people for various reasons. If you live alone, unemployed, and dread the holidays or a particular holiday, spending it alone will usually add to you feeling depressed and very isolated. Give yourself permission to reach out to others in similar situations or find ways to make new friends. If you have any uncomfortable feelings you associate with a holiday will be exacerbated by spending it alone. If you have friends or...