Vikas Vij

Vikas Vij
Vikas is a staff writer for the Sustainable Development news and editorial section on Justmeans. He is an MBA with 20 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience and global travel. He is the author of "The Power of Money" (Scholars, 2003), a book that presents a revolutionary monetary economic theory on poverty alleviation in the developing world. Vikas is also the official writer for an international social project for developing nations "Decisions for Life" run in collaboration between the ILO, the University of Amsterdam and the Indian Institute of Management.

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1 day 22 hours ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – To reduce global hunger and provide food security for about 10 billion people by 2050, farm productivity needs to be increased. Large agro-based companies need to continue to encourage crop diversification, the application of new technologies, and the development of agro-forestry models as a priority for farmers to improve their resilience.

British American Tobacco’s new report on Sustainable Agriculture and Farmer Livelihoods reflects the company’s commitment to working to enable prosperous livelihoods for all its farmers. The report provides an overview...

1 week 2 days ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The US has 10 cities with a population of more than 1 million. China has 116, and that number is growing fast. Many of these cities are woefully underprepared for the challenge of supporting more people as an increasing number of people move to urban settings. Policymakers around the world are now recognizing the urgent need to build sustainable cities.

LStar Ventures, along with global engineering and design firm Arup, is developing a new city that will be an experiment in how to build sustainable cities of the future. Union Point, an abandoned naval air station south of Boston, Mass., is the site of this endeavor....

1 week 4 days ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Sustainability drives innovation and value creation. But companies need better data to make sense of complexity and link sustainability with business performance. Every employee, team, department and business should know what they have done this week, month, quarter or year towards aligning strategy with sustainability.

PM2 Consulting, a company working in the area of performance measurement, has introduced the Sustainability Scorecard that is designed to help organizations prioritize ESG factors and allow employees and top management to...

1 week 5 days ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Between now and 2030, the climate commitments made following the Paris Agreement are expected to realize over $23 trillion in investment potential in 21 emerging markets. Apart from the governments, more than a thousand large businesses have made ambitious climate commitments, and are putting their pledges into action by investing in low-carbon solutions.

A new report from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) highlights the myriad opportunities that exist for private companies and investors to get involved in climate finance. The “Creating Markets for Climate Business: An IFC Climate Investment...

1 week 5 days ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – In the last two decades, there has been a manifold increase in the number of reporting requirements and guidance documents related to corporate reporting on ESG issues as governments, nonprofits, stock exchanges and others look to companies for transparency on their sustainability performance. As a result, an increasing robustness is now seen in non-financial reporting among companies worldwide.

The CLP Group highlighted the importance of tracking the trends that are changing the business landscape and the need for incorporating the...

2 weeks 2 days ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – One of the key strategies for the successful implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 is to integrate entrepreneurship and innovation in all economic and social dimensions. Entrepreneurs and innovators can provide breakthrough sustainable solutions that can be scaled to create a global impact.

UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Government of Bahrain recently organized the World Entrepreneurs and Investment Forum (WEIF) 2017, which recognized the vital role of entrepreneurs in global sustainable development and impact investing.

With females making up more than...

2 weeks 4 days ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Global investors are increasingly hesitant to invest in companies with a traditional growth model that fails to incorporate the principles of sustainability. Recognizing this trend, China is getting ready to shed off its historic burden as the world’s largest producer of CO2 emissions, with major Chinese companies implementing comprehensive measures to address the threat of climate change.

The government of China is leading the drive towards sustainability with an agenda to enforce stricter regulation, make massive investments in cleantech infrastructure, and commit to green finance with large spending pledges...

4 weeks 1 day ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The corporate reporting landscape is increasingly complex, as different countries and organizations move to introduce new standards and revised frameworks. Companies with greater clarity on global reporting standards and principles are in a better position to measure and communicate their ESG performance, and manage risks and opportunities more effectively.

Recognizing the importance of sustainability reporting and disclosure, top global companies are making positive progress in integrated reporting as well as a consistent shift towards digital reporting. This is one of the key findings in the latest edition of...

1 month 2 days ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Global companies have been widening their scope of corporate responsibility to address a variety of challenges facing humanity. From localized sourcing that supports indigenous growers to selling sustainable products that improve the customers’ well-being as well as the environment, these companies are focusing on sustainability in every aspect of their business. 

Albertsons Companies, in its recent Sustainability Update 2016, has highlighted the company’s commitment to make a...

1 month 5 days ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – The PRI is the world's leading proponent of responsible investment. It represents the six Principles for Responsible Investment, whichis a voluntary set of investment principles offering a menu of possible actions for incorporating ESG issues into investment practice. Inimplementing them, signatories contribute to developing a more sustainable global financial system. The PRI has more than 1,800 signatories, from over 50 countries, representing about $70 trillion.

Bloomberg recently announced that it has become the first U.S.-domiciled corporate retirement plan sponsor (ERISA plan sponsor) to join the...