Employees Care About Ethics at Work

It has not escaped any well-attuned management these days that employees are overflowing with strong opinions, and lots of them, often on subjects that were traditionally frowned upon as talking points in the workplace. Those days are gone, writes Ian Heinig on The Manifest. “People want their work to have integrity...As the work-life barrier becomes more porous, employees seek jobs that help them feel ethically sound...Hence, a company’s social and environmental commitments are key drivers in employee recruitment, retention, and loyalty.” For those looking for data to support this anecdotal evidence, Heinig’s report, “How Do Employees Act When Faced with Unethical Company Behavior,” provides the numbers as to how much ethics matters in today’s work environment.

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Dec 2, 2010 2:15 PM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) December 2, 2010 - In 2010 the Sunday Times named Softcat the UK's Best Small Company To Work For. This is a tremendous achievement, and naturally Softcat wants to retain this position for 2011. 

Part of...
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Dec 2, 2010 12:28 PM ET

Okay -- just to get the facts out of the way first  -- I have practiced law since 1979, put in 25+ years at super-large and large firms.  In 2002, I was asked to put together the first microfinance-backed CDO.  I knew CDOs, I didnt know...

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Dec 2, 2010 12:00 PM ET

Hello, I’m Emily Polk, and these are your CSR Minute headlines for Thursday, December 2nd:

The Bovespa stock exchange has added the mining company Vale and the Santander bank to its Business Sustainability Index...

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Dec 2, 2010 11:35 AM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) Madison, WI – December 2, 2010 – Leonardo Academy is inviting interested parties from within the gaming industry to provide a preliminary review of the latest draft of the Sustainable Gaming...

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Dec 2, 2010 10:47 AM ET

The recently released ISO 26000  international standard on social responsibility (SR), provides guidance on implementing social responsibility for both private...

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Dec 2, 2010 10:35 AM ET
Originally Posted on MedShare

On Wednesday, November 17, 2010, a 40-foot container of medical humanitarian aid for Lesotho was...

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Dec 2, 2010 10:00 AM ET

Plenary Session 8
Practical Tools for Identifying and Reducing Unintentional Bias

Marni Johnson,
President, Workplace Communication &...

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Dec 1, 2010 5:15 PM ET

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) December 1, 2010 - Opportunity International today announced that The UPS Foundation, the charitable arm of UPS (NYSE:UPS), has awarded the...

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Dec 1, 2010 3:32 PM ET

One can't help but take notice when Carol Cone, the person who is considered the originator of cause marketing, says it is dead as we know it. In June, AdAge ran a column penned by Mike Swenson, CMO of Barkley, headlined...

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Dec 1, 2010 2:20 PM ET

The next time you have a moment, try a simple exercise: write down the five biggest risks facing your company, the five biggest opportunities on the immediate horizon, and the five most important pieces of information you are lacking...

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