Action Team Captains From H-B Woodlawn Hold Fundraiser to Benefit Local Charitable Groups

Mar 22, 2016 11:30 AM ET

ARLINGTON, Va.—Action Team Captains from H-B Woodlawn High School took advantage of “Pi-day” to hold a quick fundraiser that raised $150 in 45 minutes for local Virginia and DC area non-profits and rewarded donations with delicious pies.

Celebrated each year around the world, on March 14th, “Pi,” the Greek letter “π” is the mathematical symbol used to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.

The four Captains from H-B Woodlawn held a Pi-day Pie Walk to raise money for organizations that serve homeless youth and adults including Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network “A-SPAN” and their local food bank, Arlington food Assistance Center, “AFAC.”

Everyone who made a donation to the Action Team’s efforts, was entered in the Pie Walk, which involved walking around a series of circles, each keyed to a different donated pie, that were set up in the school gymnasium. When the music stopped, the participants received the pies that corresponded with the circle where they stopped.

"The Pi Walk was an opportunity to turn a day that is usually focused on academics into one that also helps the community," Action Team Captain Julia Rogers said.

A-SPAN is a community-based non-profit that strives to end homelessness in Arlington by providing supportive life-sustaining services that work with clients toward achieving housing.  A-SPAN also provides medical, employment and day programs to those experiencing homelessness. Today, volunteers from faith communities, schools and businesses serve up to 80 meals daily at two Arlington sites through the Homeless Bagged Meal Program (HBMP). A-SPAN serves over 50,000 meals every year through HBMP and other programs.

AFAC is a community-based non-profit that provides supplemental groceries to Arlington neighbors in need. Now, over 25 years after its founding, the Arlington Food Assistance Center remains dedicated to its simple but critical mission of obtaining and distributing groceries, directly and free of charge, to people living in Arlington who cannot afford to purchase enough food to meet their basic needs.

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