Black & Veatch Air Purification Technology Fights Covid-19 Faster, uses Less Energy

In a partnership with Energy Cloud Inc., Black & Veatch funded, created, and studied air purification system to fight airborne pathogens including Covid-19
Aug 17, 2021 3:00 PM ET

Through work with the clean-teach company Energy Cloud Inc., Black & Veatch created a technology that purifies the air of COVID-19 and other pathogens in real time.

An article in the Kansas City Business Journal interviews Black & Veatch Program Director Lance Lippencott and Energy Cloud CEO John Carrieri about the Hummingbird system, which can deactivate 99.5% of COVID-19 virus in the air without producing unhealthy byproducts.

“We know that it’s airborne, yet all we hear about are the vaccines and masks,” Carrieri said of Covid-19 to Kansas City Business Journal. “While those are obviously extremely important, they are only pieces in the puzzle. If we don’t upgrade our air quality in our buildings, we’re never going to completely solve this problem."

The affordable, scalable air purification system can be used in any size commercial building. Not only does the Hummingbird purify air immediately while its counterparts take about 60 minutes to do so, it also omits the extra filtering that is common with air purification systems, comparatively decreasing energy consumption over time.

The team involved in the study of the Hummingbird included Black & Veatch engineers as well as 10 scientists, one of whom was the first U.S. scientist to prove that COVID-19 is airborne.

Black & Veatch is committed to providing a range of COVID-19 services and solutions like rapid modular health systems and return to workplace assessments. Through the IgniteX Covid-19 Response Accelerator, Black & Veatch provided the funding for the Hummingbird project.