Booz Allen and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation: Using AI to Support Military Caregivers

Oct 28, 2019 7:00 AM ET

Because military and veteran caregivers often work quietly and anonymously to help their family members, they can be hard to identify and support—that’s why the Elizabeth Dole Foundation (EDF) refers to them as “hidden heroes.” A new tool, developed by Booz Allen and EDF, aims to change this picture.

The Community Caregiver Map will give an unprecedented, evidenced-based look into the local needs of military caregivers nationwide. The map, built on Booz Allen’s EpiMaps platform, will use data analytics and AI to identify the counties where caregivers live, and where they are facing health challenges. It also provides insight into the social determinants of health driving those challenges at the county level.

“Booz Allen will use some of our most advanced analytic capabilities and talent to help the Elizabeth Dole Foundation support more caregivers and address their needs with greater specificity,” said Dr. Kevin Vigilante, Chief Medical Officer at Booz Allen.

Caregiver insights, tailored for individual communities

EDF and Booz Allen plan to pilot the tool in San Diego, California, and San Antonio, Texas. An alternative approach to one-size-fits-all caregiver support, the tool will help national, state, and local leaders, and their community-based partners, to design locally tailored interventions to at-risk military caregivers.

This partnership will complement the findings of the Military Caregiver Snapshot. Produced through collaboration between EDF and Purdue University’s Military Family Research Institute, the snapshot compiles and presents data about military caregivers in 10 key areas.

“These caregivers deserve recognition and support, and we need to help them realize that they are not alone,” Vigilante said. “The Elizabeth Dole Foundation has drawn attention to their selfless efforts and provided invaluable support throughout their entire journey. This AI-enabled tool will facilitate more targeted and customized support.”

A proud history of supportive partnerships

The project builds on a five-year partnership between Booz Allen and EDF, during which Booz Allen has helped the Foundation facilitate forums, shape strategy, and most recently helped launch its Corporate Fellowship Program for Caregivers. Through this pilot, which is part of the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program, Booz Allen has funded EDF’s first three caregiver fellows for six-week paid fellowships at corporations in San Antonio and San Diego. Their hope is that other companies will join them and make the program sustainable by hosting and sponsoring additional fellows.

“For five years, Booz Allen has contributed its enormous talent and expertise to helping our Foundation determine how we can effectively address our hidden heroes’ biggest challenges,” Senator Elizabeth Dole said in the EDF announcement. “I’m hopeful that through our work with Booz Allen, we can rescue our hidden heroes from the debilitating trappings of loneliness and isolation.”

Learn more about the Community Caregiver Map and data science at Booz Allen.