CEU: Integrating Health and Wellbeing Into the Foundation of the Built Environment

Thursday, July 16, 2020, 11 a.m. EST
Jul 10, 2020 2:45 PM ET

As part of the Mohawk Group CEU series and the manufacturer’s upcoming DesignFWD virtual summit, senior sustainability manager Rami Vagal will be hosting and presenting “Integrating Health and Wellbeing into the Foundation of the Built Environment.”

This accredited course discusses the built environment and its impact on human health and wellbeing. With the increased awareness and rapidly growing focus on health and wellness, there is data and research that proves the impact that buildings can have on human health. It is also important to understand the true meaning of overall wellbeing. Using the WELL Building Standard as the main catalyst, this course examines the number of ways buildings have an impact on occupant wellbeing through design, quality of space and products, as well as the benefits and the types of effects it creates. 

The CEU also addresses the 10 new concepts of WELL v2 and how those patterns are incorporated into products and architectural design. Additionally, the course focuses on understanding how green building and healthy building complement each other and are important to realize the true benefits of holistic sustainability.

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About DesignFWD

The Design Forward Virtual Summit, styled DesignFWD, is an interactive digital platform and event from Mohawk Group that recreates the conference and trade show experience with inspirational chats, trend presentations, product demonstrations and more. The free event will be broadcast live July 15–17, 2020, and will be available on-demand at its conclusion. The three-day summit will inspire attendees and build off the momentum and excitement of NeoCon under an inaugural summit theme — “A New Path Forward.” DesignFWD includes directions for summer and fall 2020, and a look ahead to 2021, through the lens of exciting, interactive content. Digital roundtables, webinars, podcasts and other media will connect three distinct but interwoven paths: people, sustainability and product. Learn more about the DesignFWD Virtual Summit at www.MohawkGroup.com/DesignFWD.