Collaboration Proves Invaluable for Perfecting Packaging Performance at Sappi

Aug 16, 2016 10:00 AM ET

As the paper industry evolves, Sappi continues to search for fresh solutions that position both the company and its customers for future success. It’s this drive that inspired Sappi to approach longtime employee David Niles with an idea that would utilize his vast knowledge of paper science engineering to help expand the company’s offerings in packaging.

The venture requires Niles and his team to go out into the field and interact closely with customers, testing Sappi’s products throughout the entire packaging process to assess performance and recommend changes. “It’s been critical to give feedback to the product development team, including research and development, manufacturing and marketing team members, so that everyone understands how the paper is working.”

The ability to collaborate with customers and commercial partners has allowed Niles to gather honest, invaluable feedback to inform the design of products for new markets, like the two Sappi has been hard at work developing over the past year: cut and stack labels and litho labels. And it’s this enterprising spirit that gets Niles excited to go to work every day.

“Sappi’s a big company, but this feels entrepreneurial. It’s our future. And to be asked to be a part of it and get to work with this high-energy group of people, it’s been invigorating for me—and a lot of fun. Our customers are eager for us to release the new products quickly, but at Sappi we understand that it’s about more than getting it done—it’s about getting it done right.”

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