Corporations Have Contributed Significantly to Climate Change, So They Must Also Contribute to Its End

Apr 22, 2021 4:45 PM ET

For all the heartache and hardship that the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked on humanity, climate change remains the greatest existential threat to our planet. And as we approach the commemoration of Earth Day, the need for climate action has never been more urgent.

Combating our climate crisis is an unprecedented challenge, and this coming decade will prove decisive. I am optimistic that we can meet this challenge, but it will require every country and every organization to step up and show leadership.

We have all contributed to climate change in some way. At HP, we have a vast global ecosystem spanning manufacturing operations, raw material sourcing, shipping, and other sources of greenhouse gas emissions. But we also have a huge opportunity to make our ecosystem a platform for driving change at scale, powering the future growth of our business while shrinking our carbon footprint and other environmental impacts.

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