Every Drop Counts

Mar 22, 2017 1:00 PM ET

We recognize that water stress, water quality and water access are critical global issues. As a result, we’re constantly working to minimize water use at each of our sites around the world. At our LEED Platinum® certified Kalyani Vista building in Bangalore, India, we’ve reduced our on-site potable water usage by 40%. We’ve also taken action to reduce water consumption at our headquarters in California, which is experiencing a multi-year drought. We went beyond the California State mandate of 25% and achieved a 35% reduction in water use, saving at least 12 million gallons of water in 2015. To take our commitment further, we implemented an employee competition, the WaterGenius Challenge, to save water at work and at home, and became a signatory to Ceres’ Connect the Drops campaign.

In 2015, we tracked water consumption at our three largest sites—Palo Alto HQ, Wenatchee Data Center and Kalyani Vista. In doing so, we learned we had a combined annual water consumption of 54 million gallons. Thus, in line with our aggressive water conservation goals, we plan to start collecting more extensive data and complete a global water risk assessment in the future.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability in the VMware Global Impact Report 2015.