#GivingTuesdayNow Is Here – How Will You Support It?

May 5, 2020 8:00 AM ET

Every day of the COVID-19 pandemic has both shown a light on the vulnerabilities in our communities and on the many generous people across those communities that are taking action to make a difference.  The global #GivingTuesdayNow movement is a powerful reminder of how we can come together to support our communities. 

This crisis, like many others before it, is bringing out the best in people.  Many of those efforts are on a small scale yet are making a difference in important ways.   With so many efforts underway, how to choose where to donate?  As part of our #InspireACTION campaign, we’d like to suggest a few places people can look in their own communities:

  1. Food Supply:  More than 30 million unemployment claims were filed in the US alone since the middle of March, and farmers set up to service schools and restaurants struggled to get their agricultural and dairy supplies to those who need. Demand at food banks has skyrocketed. 

    Organizations like Amazon and Publix are buying excess produce to donate it to food banks. How can you help? Donating to large collective food bank operations is one great choice. Looking closer to home? There are many local efforts to get food to neighbors in need. Finally, there are some excellent cooperative restaurant efforts to put restaurant employees to work making home cooked meals for frontline workers or vulnerable families.

  1. Education:  Working parents are looking to manage work and home schooling and already stressed families are now navigating unemployment claims and managing their children’s school.  National and local organizations have set up online resources for parents and teachers and are providing remote support, lesson plans and follow up. Many are producing school-at-home-kits, books and teaching tools and delivering them to families’ doorsteps.  
  1. Your Local Community Organization: We found that all of our community organizations moved mountains to transition their services to the new reality in real time.  Each dealt with significant spikes in demand for their services.  With creativity, perseverance and additional support from their established partners, many are doing more than they could have imagined.  It’s worth looking at your favorite organizations and seeing how you can help them fulfill the mission you’ve always believed in during this time. 

As we noted when we launched the #InspireACTION campaign, the scale of the fallout from the pandemic can feel overwhelming.  We have been very inspired by the many stories we’ve come across in the last month.  We are excited to join you in supporting our heroes.

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