Here’s How To Turn Your Passion For STEM Into An Exciting Career

By Erin Kelly
Feb 13, 2018 8:00 AM ET

'Women in STEM’ is a hot topic in today’s news cycle, as more and more individuals are recognizing the gender gap associated with professions in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) industries. As the movement to get girls involved in STEM fields gains momentum, it’s equally important to understand why this change is so important.

Leaving women out of the equation when it comes to science, math and innovation fields isn’t just unfair — it can deprive the economy of valuable insights, opinions and the potential for productivity growth. That’s why companies who cultivate an inclusive, female-empowered environment are vital to making STEM more accessible for women, thus creating a better, more productive world for everyone. One company that is stepping up to the plate in this department in a big way is Mars, Incorporated, a family-owned global pet care, confectionery and food business. Currently, women represent 42 percent of Mars’ talent pipeline globally, and their goal is to increase this by two percent each year.

We partnered with Mars to highlight some of the amazing minds that are contributing to a more positive future — and to show young women who are passionate about STEM the vast amount of opportunities available. Together, we found four successful women to share their best advice on how to turn your passion for STEM into a career.

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