How PepsiCo is Taking Action on Palm Oil – Interview

Sep 15, 2016 3:00 PM ET

PepsiCo published the first update on its Palm Oil Action Plan. Ben Cooper spoke with Andrew Aulisi, senior director, global environmental policy at ‎PepsiCo, about the progress to date and how the company's initial actions and achievements are likely to be received by environmental campaigners.

PepsiCo chose not to launch its Palm Oil Action Plan with a great flourish or fanfare last October. Instead, it simply shared its plan with a number of key NGOs before posting it on its website. Proud rhetoric and mission statements are not uncommon in how companies approach sustainability but there is a palpable sense that PepsiCo wants to place the emphasis on action and not intention.

Nevertheless, there has to be a framework for action and PepsiCo's palm oil plan provides a detailed blueprint for the sustainable palm oil supply chain it hopes to have by 2020. Included in the plan is a commitment to report regularly on progress, with the first update published on September 13.

Andrew Aulisi, senior director, global environmental policy at ‎PepsiCo, says the company is in "full execution mode" on its palm oil commitments, adding "the ball is rolling and there's a lot of momentum behind our programme". Leaving no doubt that PepsiCo wants to highlight action, he says: "It's called an Action Plan and what we're reporting on is actions that we've taken over the year."

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