IBM Smarter Cities Challenge: Making 911 Smarter, Safer and Cheaper

by David Waters, Columnist
Aug 2, 2016 10:00 AM ET

Originally Published on The Commercial Appeal

Check out this story about how an IBM Smarter Cities Challenge team is having a direct impact on the lives and welfare of Memphis' residents, in addition to helping the city conserve needed funds. As with many cities, Memphis emergency services (EMS) scramble equipment and trained personnel in response to an increasing number of non-emergency calls. Aging and low-income populations in particular often rely on EMS for basic (non-emergency) health and medical services, including transportation to health providers or to pick up medication. Responding to these call not only is expensive, but jeopardizes those in genuine need of emergency services. IBM is helping the city refine its EMS response protocol, while potentially saving $20 million per year spent on EMS overuse and misuse.

To learn more about IBM's Corporate Citizenship Contributions,  see the IBM 2015 Corporate Responsiblity Report.

Kristina Kloberdanz
IBM Headquarters, Corporate Responsibility