Legacy Project Helps Students Navigate a Smooth Future

by: Matthew Herchik
Oct 29, 2021 10:20 AM ET

Their connection is made possible by the Scott’s Miracle-Gro Foundation.

Through The Legacy Project, selected students receive individualized coaching, tuition opportunities, and hands-on career exposure.

“We like to call them ‘gritty kids,’ and so we take them when they start high school as freshman, and so again, we work with them over four years,” describes Su Lok with Scott’s.

After beginning five years ago, 2020 saw the first group of graduates complete the program.

“I’ve think we’ve seen not only a lot of growth in our students, but a lot of growth in the program. A lot of just maturing and figuring out what we do well and leaning into that,” says McKinney of the program’s evolution.

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