Making Fundraising Truly Mobile

Jun 15, 2012 3:05 PM ET

Just about every organization has social media as part of the engagement process and many use mobile giving to raise funds. Together, the two barely register in the giving scale, unless there is a natural disaster.

The question that requires an answer is whether engagement results in fundraising that isn’t immediately tracked. Clearly, the hope is that it does. The other challenge is expanding mobile giving to include more than just emergencies, given the capabilities of new phones. These issues were put to fundraising and communications specialists during an NPT Executive Session roundtable discussion.

Participants in the session were Carrie Martin Munk, vice president, communication and marketing at the American Lung Association; Ann Andrews Morris, vice president for communications and outreach, World Food Program USA; and, Jenifer Snyder, executive director, The mGive Foundation.

The discussion was facilitated by Paul Clolery, vice president and editorial director of The NonProfit Times and Rick Christ, vice president at, a division of Amergent, in Peabody, Mass.

To read the transcript of the discussion please click here.

Andrea Schafer
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