MetLife Foundation | Sharing What We Learn

The lessons that MetLife Foundation and our grantees learn are shared continuously to improve our work and to advance the knowledge of the global financial inclusion industry.
Jun 7, 2017 8:05 AM ET

 With our partners we prepare white papers, publish articles, sponsor and appear at conferences. MetLife Foundation also runs learning workshops for our grantees. Together they share their experiences, develop common metrics, compare key performance indicators, and adjust their programming to serve their clients better. Some of our grants have knowledge sharing as its own goal.



Custom Studios/ Multipliers of Prosperity
Multipliers of Prosperity is an award-winning thought leadership platform that features stories from MetLife Foundation’s grantees. It includes videos, infographics, and other content on the work of financial inclusion. This unique resource, developed in partnership with WSJ. Custom Studios, helps share best practices, insights, and information about financial inclusion issues. It is the Foundation’s contribution to sharing knowledge and raising awareness of financial inclusion around the world.


Triggers/Innovation Circuit
Together with 17 Triggers and MetLife’s innovation center—LumenLab—MetLife Foundation held the Innovation Circuit workshop in Singapore. Twentythree participants representing 17 financial inclusion institutions (all of them Foundation grantees) from seven countries across Asia came together to learn, share, and influence the future of innovation and digital in financial inclusion with the potential to impact millions of low-income people. This workshop, like others funded by MetLife Foundation, combined knowledge sharing with handson practical application of processes and products that will help us accelerate financial inclusion not only in Asia but around the world. 


Aspen Institute/EPIC (Expanding Prosperity Impact Collaborative)
MetLife Foundation supports the Aspen Institute’s financial security work with EPIC, an effort to examine economic forces that significantly impact the financial security of millions of Americans. Each year, EPIC targets one important consumer finance issue, convening academics, policy makers and practitioners in cross-sector research, learning, and knowledge-sharing to find solutions.

Learn more about how we are sharing what we learn via the MetLife Foundation Annual Report 2016