Michael Weiner Scholarship Recipients Celebrate Their Hard Work and Weiner’s Legacy

Jun 1, 2016 3:15 PM ET

Six Michael Weiner Scholarship for Labor Studies recipients attended a luncheon at the Major League Baseball Players Association‘s midtown Manhattan office today in honor of their hard work and commitment to the labor movement.

During the luncheon hosted by the Players Trust, the recipients were able to speak with members of the MLBPA’s labor relations department and other staff, sharing experiences and learning from those who worked closely with Michael Weiner.

Two of Weiner’s daughters, Grace and Margie, were also in attendance to meet and mingle with the scholarship winners.

“I think that this scholarship picks out people who have the mind of progression for their respective field in a way that matches my dad’s spirit and passion,” said Grace.

The scholarship recipients were greeted by current MLBPA Executive Director, Tony Clark, who attributes Weiner for the reason he joined the Players Association after retiring from baseball.

Melissa Persaud, Director of the Players Trust, helps oversee the annual scholarship program. “It’s an honor to have this program and remember Michael,” she said. “The winners that I’ve met are pretty amazing. It’s a great testament to the scholarship program and Michael’s legacy.”

The scholarship recipients came from near and far to attend the luncheon.

“Applying for the scholarship, I had the opportunity to learn about Michael and all that he did to stand up for working people,” said scholarship recipient Joseph Landry. “To have received this is a really humbling experience. He’s an excellent model of what it means to be a labor lawyer.”

To read more about the Michael Weiner Scholarship for Labor Studies, click here.

The 2017 scholarship application will be made available in July 2016.