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Our World Needs Renaissance Over Revolution
Nov 8, 2013 5:00 PM ET

By Jailan Adly

As an Egyptian-American, my friends and family were surprised when I did not enthusiastically celebrate the revolution in Egypt three years ago. My answer was (and still is) simple: I prefer renaissance over revolution.

While change through innovation may be slower and more subtle, it tends to be less painful than the fallout of sudden upheaval—disruptive change often leaves no roadmap for the future. Solution-centered innovation can be more impactful and long-lasting. It is this belief that brings me to the annual Net Impact Conference year after year.

MBAs from around the world come to Net Impact to hear from the global leaders committed to harnessing the power of business for social good. Driven by the belief that we all have the ability to spark change, leaders from the private, public, and social sectors convene at Net Impact to discuss, learn, and collaborate towards a better future.

As the Net Impact Conference has grown, its focus has significantly expanded to include a wider global scope. The road to change becomes even more complicated when individuals and institutions begin to seek ways to address challenges in emerging and frontier markets. I was curious to see if the conference would acknowledge the need for careful and thoughtful engagement when addressing complex global challenges. As I often tell our MBAs Without Borders Advisors, good intentions are not necessarily solutions.

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