New Cummins Engine Praised for Ability to Reduce Carbon Emissions

May 23, 2022 9:10 AM ET

Global power leader Cummins Inc.’s 15-liter natural gas engine for the heavy-duty truck market in North America, which provides customers with a lower-cost option to cut greenhouse gases (GHGs), is getting industry plaudits.

The engine was named one of the Top 20 New Products of 2022 by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine. The products are chosen by a three-person panel of the trucking industry’s most experienced editors, with the help of a panel of fleet representatives drawn from an Editorial Advisory Board and HDT Truck Fleet Innovators.

Both the editors and the fleet panel evaluate the candidacy of products based on the following three areas:

  • Innovation
  • Ability to address an industry challenge
  • Potential to help a fleet’s bottom line

In October of last year, Cummins announced it was bringing to market an industry changing 15-liter natural gas engine for the heavy-duty truck market in North America, the X15N. The engine will later be available in a variety of fuels from clean diesel to hydrogen, offering power and performance while meeting more stringent emissions regulations.

The X15N is an important part of Cummins’ Destination Zero aspiration to power customer success exclusively with net-zero emission products by 2050 to address the world’s climate challenges and other environmental issues.

The company believes it is important to reduce carbon emissions immediately and is bringing to market the low- and no-carbon emission platforms that will power the future. For customers who aren’t ready to make that investment, Cummins is working to reduce the carbon and other emissions produced by its core products through platforms like the X15N. Cummins’ PLANET 2050 environmental sustainability strategy has set a goal of lowering emissions from newly sold products by 30% by 2030.

Natural gas has many sustainability benefits, including 13% to 17% lower well-to-wheel GHG emissions than petroleum when using virgin natural gas. The benefits really shine when using renewable natural gas (RNG) made with biogas. RNG can help fleets reach sub-zero GHG emission levels because producing RNG captures biogas like methane that would have otherwise been emitted into the atmosphere.