Rockwell Automation and FANUC Join Forces to Address Manufacturing Skills Gap

Feb 17, 2021 2:00 PM ET

Rockwell Automation and FANUC America recently came together to create accelerated work-and-learn apprenticeship programs preparing workers for jobs in advanced manufacturing, robotics, and automation.

“Our number one goal is to help create a worker pipeline that will not only help people increase their skills and future earning potential, but to help manufacturers achieve their production goals and maintain a thriving economy,” said Paul Aiello, director of education, FANUC America. 

The apprenticeship programs aim to help companies rapidly upskill employees at every level from operator to technician to integration system specialist. In addition to improving the skills of current production workers, these programs will help engineers to implement new systems and processes that require employees trained in the latest automation technologies.

“As industry adopts new technologies, it is vital to be able to quickly adapt with a well-trained workforce,” said Michael Cook, director, Global Academic Organization, Rockwell Automation. “Having the most current standards will drive manufacturing competitiveness and simultaneously grow new talent to these new occupations, upskill current employees, and allow companies to be more agile in their workforce planning.”

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