SABIC Has Recently Launched Its 2016 Sustainability Report, Transforming Together

Jun 1, 2017 4:00 AM ET

SABIC’s 2016 Sustainability Report, the sixth published by one of the world’s largest suppliers of chemicals, is an enormous achievement. For the first time, SABIC handed the report out alongside the Annual Report at its Annual General Meeting: an accomplishment that could only be achieved with the full support of stakeholders throughout the organization. Both its timeliness and quality prove that SABIC is dedicated to raising the bar for reporting in Saudi Arabia and across the world.

At SABIC, sustainability is not simply ensuring the use of the world’s resources as wisely as possible – important though this is. Sustainability involves using all resources – both natural and human – as wisely and efficiently as possible. This helps SABIC to secure a better future for everyone, and it is central to SABIC’s way of doing business. SABIC has emerged as a stronger and more influential company as a result.

Integrating sustainability into the organizational thinking has helped SABIC to grow while increasing the benefit to society, supporting SABIC’s 2025 strategy, and ultimately spreading the benefits of ‘Chemistry that MattersTM’ to communities all over the world.

By gathering information about these developments and charting them in this report, SABIC can see where it has done well – and where it needs to do better.

Overall, SABIC has made positive progress. This includes continued growth in innovation – through initiatives such as the Home of InnovationTM – and the qualification of 10 sustainability product solutions. In resource and energy efficiency, the company further reduced flaring, and increased utilization of CO2 as a feedstock. SABIC continued to invest in human capital through learning and development as making progress in its supply chain. By giving US$46.4 million to communities throughout 2016, SABIC brought its total from the past 15 years to more than $800 million – a figure that does not even reflect the many hours SABIC employees volunteered for worthy projects.

This is just a snapshot of SABIC’s achievements documented in the report that shows how the company is making progress to benefit society, the economy, and the environment.

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