Texting for a Cause. Now at a Government Near You

Jul 19, 2012 12:25 PM ET

By Elaine Cohen

The U.S. State Department collaboration with the mGive Foundation, a public-private partnership, seems like a smart move. Providing an easy, cheap and instant platform using modern mobile technology creates a new level of access to mass, grassroots, real-time, impulse-based charity, with virtually no risk.

Jenifer Snyder, Executive Director of The mGive Foundation,  calls this "Creating Everyday Philanthropists".

Read more about how The mGive Foundation and The U.S. State Department are using modern communications to spread their message.


The mGive Foundation is proud to be associated with the creation of mobile giving.  Now, the ecosystem has matured and we are ready for Mobile Giving 2.0 (MG2.0).

Formed in October 2009, The mGive Foundation (TMF) is a 501c3 public charity registered or able to solicit contributions in all states working to enhance the mobile giving ecosystem.  TMF seeks to further cultivate the current state of mobile giving to increase efficiency, access and integration of mobile giving. 

TMF is an aggregator agnostic foundation that serves to increase the accessibility of mobile giving programs through sophisticated and robust integration technology that is capable of working across any aggregation platform.  The team behind TMF has been working toward a mainstream mobile giving channel since 2005 and continues to dedicate resources and support to the channel. 

Mobile philanthropy has traversed an impressive course thanks to the commitment and collaboration of the wireless and nonprofit communities. TMF hopes to explore and innovate an enhanced mobile giving channel that is responsive and proactive while balancing risk aversion and accountability.

Originally published on CSRwire Back Talk