The Power of Internet Connectivity

For the world’s poorest youth, access to the internet and a connected device can unlock a better future.
Jul 19, 2021 12:30 PM ET

For more than a year now, children across the world have been using broadband internet to continue their education while schools are closed because of the pandemic. But, for most children, this necessity has not been available. Many have been trying to continue their education in regions where internet connectivity is poor or non-existent. Two-thirds of the world’s children (1.3bn children between the ages of three and 17) have no access to the internet at home.1 More than 360m young people around the world have no access to the internet whatsoever.2

There are many benefits of broadband connectivity in education. Teachers and students alike can access stimulating and up to date educational material. Classmates can collaborate, even when they are not physically in the same place. Teachers and students can stay in contact with one another during school shutdowns such as those the world has seen during the covid-19 pandemic. And, through distance learning, students can access high quality education wherever they are.

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