The Rise of Social Enterprise in New Zealand

Social Enterprise World Forum 2017 set to build on growing momentum
Jul 13, 2017 9:00 AM ET

More and more, citizens and consumers are becoming socially and environmentally aware, and want their purchasing decisions to reflect their beliefs. In a capitalist society, social enterprise provides consumers with a form of activism as organizations with a social purpose open up an alternative for consumers to spend their money responsibly rather than on goods or services that ultimately perpetuate the growing global wealth disparity.

Throw social media into the mix and an idea can spread like wildfire; the power of global communities coming together to effect change is a formidable force.

Social enterprise is a different kind of business, and it’s not always a charity — though many registered charities use trade to resource or to deliver mission-based services and fall under the social enterprise umbrella. Social enterprises don’t just measure success by profits, revenue forecasts, or customer retention, they measure their impact on society or the environment. Profits are the engine that enable impact – they are reinvested in either the cause, or back into the business to enable scale.

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