Wang Yang: Sino-US Cooperation is the Only Right Choice (Translated)

Dec 9, 2016 2:30 PM ET

Originally posted on Weixin.

November 22, the US Chamber of Commerce and the US National Governors Association in Washington, DC co-hosted a luncheon, welcomed the United States to participate in the 27th session of the China-US Joint Commission on Commerce Vice Prime Minister Wang Yang. US Commerce Secretary Plyzik, US Trade Representative Frohman and more than 500 guests attended. Bloomberg founder, philanthropist, three times as mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg was invited to attend and address. Co-founder and Chairman and Chairman of the Blackstone Group, Mr. Su Shimin, the former US Secretary of Commerce, former Ambassador to China Locke, and Ambassador Baucus of the US Embassy in China have also delivered speeches.

In his speech, Vice Premier Wang Yang expressed confidence in the new US government's economic and trade policy toward China and the prospects for Sino-US economic and trade cooperation. He stressed that as the two responsible big powers, cooperation is the only right choice. "Sino-US economic and trade cooperation is the market behavior, the fundamental driving force in the private sector, in the business sector, if the Sino-US economic and trade cooperation is a big problem, it is not only the Sino-US economic damage, will increase the uncertainty of the global economic recovery process. He said: "Sino-US diplomatic relations over 30 years of history has proved that the struggle can not break, and inevitably the two benefits.China-US cooperation can do a lot in favor of the two countries and the world event.

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