Why People Are Consuming No or Less Alcohol

By Nontando Mposo
Aug 8, 2019 1:45 PM ET

The face of celebrations as we know it is changing. More and more people are adopting health-conscious lifestyles and consuming no or less alcohol.

Martini 0.0% Dolce is made to taste like Italian sparkling wine, but with zero alcohol content. With the low/no trend reaching new heights, it caters to those who are looking to moderate their alcohol consumption without compromising on taste, says Mahesh Madhavan, the global chief executive of Bacardi.

“Right now, we are seeing consumers making choices about what they drink. We are seeing a sober curious mindset, especially among the younger generations, the millennials and Generation Z. They are thinking about what they do with their money, how they spend their time and what goes into their bodies.

“You see them spending a lot of time looking after themselves. Perhaps unlike our generation. I don’t think we exercise as they do today.

“As part of that, we are seeing them drinking less, and drinking more premium brands. This was the genesis for Martini 0.0% Dolce”.

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