Working To Eliminate Health Disparities by Cultivating a Diverse Pipeline of Healthcare Leaders

Jul 27, 2022 10:30 AM ET

Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute

The Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute (BHLI) is a professional development program focused on eliminating health disparities among minority and vulnerable populations. The Institute’s aim is to support culturally competent underrepresented scholars who are interested in pursuing leadership roles in healthcare. Through a series of experiential activities, analyses of healthcare issues with expert national presenters, site visits, and internships, BHLI exposes scholars to opportunities within today’s healthcare landscape. These future healthcare leaders are empowered to develop innovative solutions and policies to improve health outcomes for vulnerable populations.

A cornerstone of the Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute is its annual 12-day in-person event in Kansas City, MO. With Q4HE’s support, BHLI was able to adapt its existing programming to a virtual environment, including the implementation of dynamic virtual meeting technology, conference management resources, and audiovisual production.

“During the BHLI, I saw a side of healthcare that was new to me. The speakers and curriculum challenged my thinking about socioeconomic determinants of health, health disparities, and healthcare systems. The experience transformed my critical thinking and personal growth. My future just got a little brighter because of the experience.”– BHLI scholar

“Closing the health equity gap reinforces the notion that healthcare is neither a right nor a privilege but a common good. Q4HE’s support validates the value and impact of our work. The Q4HE investment also reinforces our funding portfolio, which enables sustained performance, hopefully for generations of leaders to come.”– John Bluford, III President and Founder, Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute

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