“Snookied” at the Social Good Summit - A blog by Good Company

Sep 22, 2010 5:16 PM ET

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The big takeaway for me at the Mashable Social Good Summit at the 92nd St Y in NYC this week had less to do with the power of social media or technology to solve the world’s problems and more to do with a the reality of a human moment.  When MTV CEO Judy McGrath was challenged by Elisabeth Gore (Executive Director of Global Programs at the United Nations Foundation) to tell the world something it didn’t know, she didn’t talk about Rock the Vote or MTV programming or technology.  Instead, her answer was two unexpected words, “Snooki volunteers.”

Forget about all the amazing grassroots campaigns waged with Twitter or based on Foursquare or Facebook.  Forget about networking and the power of technology to extend the reach of marketing campaigns to bring like-minded people together.  Here was the CEO of one of the most powerful media companies and brands in the world saying that her most raw and notorious reality television star … volunteers.  A woman famous for tanning, for bad taste, for barroom brawling cares about wildlife and devotes time to this cause she cares about.

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