15 Reasons to Fall in Love with Your Bike

May 19, 2010 10:05 AM ET

May is National Bike Month, and cities and towns from coast to coast are promoting bicycling like never before.   As a sustainability consultant, I have the opportunity to work with individuals and businesses to integrate sustainability concepts into the workplace and daily life.  Naturally, cycling is a sustainability concept that meets both worlds: business and individuals.  Clients commute to work; businesses provide resources and incentives for cycling commuters.  So, why is bike commuting so wonderful? Let me count the ways: 

  1. Bike commuting helps the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

  2. Bicycles emit no pollution when in use; they require far less materials, energy and waste in their production than even the ‘greenest’ car.  

  3. Cycling offers a certain connection to the open air and the surrounding trees.  It's amazing how usual surroundings look different when on a bike.

  4. Cycling can be done by toddlers, teenagers, youngsters and adults as well.  It can be used as personal time to reflect upon your day or a means to unite friends for regular rides.

  5. Regular participation in a cycling routine naturally shifts your focus to include thoughts of the weather, areas in your community to ride, road safety, and traffic.  Thereby increasing your awareness of the link between the environment and your community.

  6. Enjoy the freedom your bike gives you- go places your car can't.

  7. National health statistics show that when you're more active, you decrease your risk for cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

  8. Bicycle commuting allows you to include your workout in your daily schedule and helps to meet fitness goals.

  9. Bike commuting saves you money:  reduce car maintenance, reduced gas bill, reduced parking cost.

  10. Cycling is a good exercise for overall fitness of the body.  It improves health and reduces stress and tension.

  11. Cycling contributes to a positive work/ life balance.

  12. Bicycles can be produced and maintained locally by local bike shops contributing to local job opportunities as part of a sustainable economy.

  13. Increased cycling commuting reduces air pollution generated from motorized vehicles.

  14. The bike industry is getting involved.  QDP  and Voler Cycling Apparel  are two examples of bike retailers demonstrating sustainable business practices in their operations.

  15. Bike riding is FUN!

With so many reasons to fall in love with bike commuting, what are you waiting for?  Get outdoors and feel the exhilaration of the fresh air on your face and skin.  Enjoy your natural surroundings.  Cycling as part of a sustainable lifestyle is a rewarding personal adventure.  As an avid cyclist and sustainability consultant, I can't encourage you enough to check it out.  Enjoy the ride!  




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